SALUS HAUS is a German company founded in 1916 by Dr. Med Otto Greither and until today it has functioned as a family business.

Ever since its establishment, Salus Haus has worked closely with nature and has always fought for the highest possible standards of plant cultivation, as well as production methods and quality check.

Salus’s unique quality and products efficiency have earned the deserved reputation all over the world. Salus Haus has full control over the organic cultivation of raw materials and their quality. Some plants are still levied from virgin lands. In their plantations, there are no fertilizers or pesticides used, which is why their plantations are found in the richest parts of the world. This is due to the fact that their products do not contain any artificial layers, conservation materials, genetically modified ingredients and not even the smallest amount of pesticides or other heavy materials. Salus Haus produces and offers a big variety of products. Today they are present worldwide in more than 67 countries.

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Walther Schoenenberger SAEI GmbH & co. plant juice factory was founded by the pharmacist and naturalist Schoenenberger in 1927 in the rural Magstadt between Stuttgart and Schwarzwald. Now more than 80 years, the company produces fresh herbal juices in top quality. Since 1991, the traditional company belongs to the Salus group, a leader of the health food industry.

Schonenberger herbal juices are recognized in the medicines act as natural remedies. Ranging from artichoke the offer includes over thirty-five juices. Every year some millions bottles we supply to our health partners, as well as pharmacies in Germany and abroad. Secured high quality is based on the best possible raw material. Our continuously high quality is the result of strict and complex controls in a State of the art laboratory of the raw material testing to control the content of the active ingredient.



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Nasalprodukter Sverige AB is the company behind the Nosefrida brand. The company was founded 1996 in Sweden. Our headquarter is located in Malmo, Sweden and so is the factory where the products are produced. Nasalprodukter Sverige AB has expanded since the startup and is now exporting Nosefrida to more than 50 countries around the globe.

Nosefrida was initially created by an ear-, nose and throat doctor at Malmo University Hospital. It was a challenge to create a product within the framework of the security rules and applicable standards. The Nosefrida brand was born and the aspirator was registered with the Medical Products Agency in Sweden and FDA in USA.
Nosefrida is known as the original nasal aspirator brand. The uniqueness of the product lies in the design and also that it is made in Sweden. Nosefrida brand stands for safe, smart products with high quality.
Our product Nosefrida is recommended by pediatricians and doctors all over the world!

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Alpecin is one of the well-known German brands against hair loss in men, which was created in 1930 by Dr. Wolff.
Alpecin is now present in more than 60 countries around the world.
Dr. Wolff managed to determine the individual types of scalp and the result is a unique hair care system.

Alpecin focuses on products that contain caffeine to solve the global problem of men – inherited hair loss and scalp problems.
Alpecin products are characterized by the special caffeine complex, which inhibits the negative impact of testosterone on the hair follicles and thus prevents hair loss.
80% of all cases of hair loss are hereditary, which means that they are pre-programmed from birth. The male hormone testosterone negatively impacts the growth cycle of the hair roots, which results in hair loss and baldness.

The Alpecin Caffeine Complex counteracts the undesired effect of testosterone and extends the growth phases of the hair roots. This prevents hereditary hair loss.
The special combination of active agents also counteracts scalp problems like dandruff.
Alpecin products are available in shampoo and liquid form.

Represented exclusively by Beta Pharm sh.p.k. since 2018, Alpecin is also present in Kosovo and Albania, with products: Alpecin Coffein Shampoo, Alpecin Double Effect and Alpecin Liquid.

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circle-cropped Ice Power

Ice Power is a world leader in cryotherapy products. It is no coincidence that we started in Finland, a country that has knowledge of low temperatures (with the lowest temperature recorded at 51.5 degrees Celsius!)

The company’s best-selling product and the strongest weapon against pain is Ice Power Cold Gel cold. With clinically proven effect, the gel provides long-term cryotherapy, soothes swelling and promotes damage regeneration. Due to its natural content, Ice Power Cold Gel is a safe choice for both children and pregnant women!

The Ice Power family is complemented by other cryotherapy products! Today, Ice Power products are present in more than 50 countries around the world, soothing the pain of millions of people. In addition to daily use by the whole family, our products are the preferred choice in Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine.

Ice Power brand products in Kosovo are represented by Beta Pharm sh.p.k.

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Beurer GmbH is a German family-owned Mittelstand manufacturer of electrical devices for health and well-being. Originally a manufacturer of electric blankets, the company began diversifying its product line, in 1980 the company added variety to its product line, while now producing about 2,200 products including scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, inhalators and many other products known worldwide. Founded in Ulm, Germany in 1919, with its product quality, it is now present in more than 100 countries around the world.

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