SALUS HAUS is a German company founded in 1916 by Dr. Med Otto Greither and until today it has functioned as a family business.

Ever since its establishment, Salus Haus has worked closely with nature and has always fought for the highest possible standards of plant cultivation, as well as production methods and quality check.

Salus’s unique quality and products efficiency have earned the deserved reputation all over the world. Salus Haus has full control over the organic cultivation of raw materials and their quality. Some plants are still levied from virgin lands. In their plantations, there are no fertilizers or pesticides used, which is why their plantations are found in the richest parts of the world. This is due to the fact that their products do not contain any artificial layers, conservation materials, genetically modified ingredients and not even the smallest amount of pesticides or other heavy materials. Salus Haus produces and offers a big variety of products. Today they are present worldwide in more than 67 countries

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